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The gig didnt go as great as we planned, because they were so loud on the big stage, you could only hear me whe n they werent playing. then, they didnt bring the CD player for our backround music. so what good was it?

So i had to play by myself.

i got about 30 people to stop and listen, they say they will now be coming to our church on sunday. <3

how exciting.

but i really wanted ayanah to sing. i guess it wasnt meant to be, since she thought of it only as a 'gig' and not really an oppurtunity to play for God. <3

thats how i see all my gigs..and shtuff...because...without him, id be nothing. i wouldnt even be able to play this good if he hadnt given me the talent and i do it all for him.

<3 my Jesus.

and even though the playing and stuff was without her, and kinda eek, at least jared was there.

he came.

he actually came.

we had so much fun. was amazing.

then when the fireworks started, and we were walking in the grass to go see them, it was so........


it felt like it was right out of a movie..i mean everything was sooo right.....the music.. how we looked at each was the perfect moment to just........


OH my goodness. my aunt came out of nowhere, asking if i knew where my mom was.



oh well. w/e.

then my mom locked the keys in my car, AGAIN. so she had to leave her car at the Florida Hospital, and they all had to go back home in my aunts car.

ugh. what a great ending, eh?

then i got to yannahs house, we knocked out after eating some chips.

then the last thing i remember, was jared texting me "night, Kristen."

i like him. i think ill admit it now. i dont think he likes me though. maybe we're ''too good friends.''

................FUCK. shiz.

goodnight kristen. huh.

uh...that sounds familiar.

didnt MOH do that 134987547 years ago? so instead of thinking about jared, i thought about moh before i went to sleep.



that kid doesnt even like me.

whyyyyy should i waste my night life on him?


besides......i think.. i'm in love with Jared Vaughn.

and its my fault if i get hurt okay? stubborn, and i try at least everything till i get my way.

asked for Moh:

how about its over for me and him.
im sayin it just doesnt work anymore, so i guess.....

ill give up on moh.
for good.

just no more. i cant take it.

besides..............i think im in love with jared vaughn.


yeah well.

later loves.
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