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STILL? [28 Mar 2009|05:14pm]
I was takling about Ruby to a friend,

and everyone told me to forget it!

i will. soon, sometime.

we went out yesterday to lake eola again, it was really nice. it was awkward at first because idk
he was acting weird

and all he talks about is 'walgreens this, my job, my paycheck walgreens blablab''
yeah, i'll be nice and act interested.
[[ I'm watching this DVD my uncle bunny brought over with jack van impe, and its talking about the coming of the lord. in 2012]]


about RUby, it was weird at first he was being annoying and disrespectful
and...he was asking me a whole bunch of questions as if he were trying to figure out if i was like loose or something!
NO, im not like your hoes buddy.

crazy boy thinks like im a stripper or something!! no! just because i have a nice body and stuff doesnt mean i exploit it.
those are his exact thoughts. i know this!

its crazy how like 2 days ago i was going to choose Nate over Ruben but......we went to alonzo's house and we were all chillin and stuff me, ayo, amanda, will, fernando, malcolm, mandy, nate, dane and roy.. there was some drinkingg going on i only had 1 shot though cuz i didnt wanna drink so much. i hadn't eaten in like 6 hours i didnt want to feel sick

nate was just being sooooo gross! idk how to describe it but he was being vulgar and kept trying to grab onto my booty and it is really annoying ruben does it too!

GET OFF MY BUTT!!!!!!!!!!!

i'm more than just a walking body~!

these boys are so ARRGG

Nate was being gross, and he just looked so ugly to me, inside and out. and then he was smelly too, so i was just like ugh, NEXT

then i went to lake eola with ruben just as friends.......and we got some soda and stuff and it was cute we were walking around the lake just talking..and he is soo jealous of DIRK!! hahaha

its funny, dirk is really cool peoples, its hilarious that ruben is like 'how's dirk? dirk this dirk that, blablablab do you know he likes you blab"
dirks ma dawg man. and hes like a gentleman and hes really nice.

so..my final descision is to talk to neither, i realized ive been settling for qualities in these guys that I DON T EVEN LIKE?
and why should i downgrade?

Jared Vaughn set the standard. and sorry guys, its a pretty high standard.

lets see who's up for it. =/

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Maybe i'm just a..;) [24 Mar 2009|11:06am]
[ mood | amused ]

Okay, so Rubens really annoying,
and definetly not worth my time.

I choose Nate.


He was............intoxicated. last night,

and he was just saying the sweetest things, and you know the truth always come out under the influence. =]

He told me he loved me. hahahahahahaha


So on one side, One guy chooses to ignore me, although we were supposed to spend the day together..

and the Other side, the other is telling me how he really feels about me, and isnt playing stupid games.

yeah, we done with that boy. and BOY is the perfect word.


his theme song..........................."Youre So Gay."  -Katy Perry.
hahaha its like she was living my life and wrote it about him.


.........youre not that indie.

we were not even dating...and it felt like we were dating for 454 years.
he started things off way too serious.

i don't like serious people like that...i mean its important to be serious, but ya gotta know when to be chill too. and that was a quality that i found nonexistent in him!!!!!

ugh i hate when im interested in a guy and he doesnt make me laugh.
as long as someone makes me laugh, im putty.


and thats naynay!

=O!! he just texted me.


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Lights on [23 Mar 2009|11:06am]
[ mood | awake ]

Lots has happened in the past week!

So...I think I left off when I was going to the beach with Ruben.
That was last Tuesday?..

I'll start there.
OHHH what a day that was..

While i'm typing this, im going to make note of all the reasons why I think he is not to be trusted, and the reasons why I think hes just not that into me. He says he really likes me, but come on. Anyone can say that!! i guess its a matter of ME being able to see if theyre lying or not.. and this case i think hes just fxing around.

So the night before we were going to go to the beach, he texts be with some strait up bullshit talking about ''Hey, is it okay if my friend Ramon tags along?"

-record scratch-
Wait, what?!

yeah, he asked if a guy friend could tag along. [reason 1!!!!!! this is some strait up BULL!!]

It wouldn't have even been a big deal but  the fact that it was the same guy who asked if.......OH how do i even begin to explain what happened. 

Flash back. i think ive already written about this before, but i'll put it again just in case.

- Ruben and I had like a little rendezvous thing at Lake Eola on the friday before the beach...it was Friday the 13 I believe...
I was SERIOUSLY craving a smoothie from Panera's, but they were closed, so we ended up driving to Walgreens to get gummy bears and ting. on Bumby and 50.
As we're getting out of the car, Ruby said "oh, my friend Ramon is working. you'll get to meet him."  [this boy is so fxing sketchy, i swear.]
So we walk into walgreens and he waves to his friend, says "this is Ramon." and Ramons DUMB ass says "Oh, nice to meet you!! MONICA, right??"



i was pissed as hell!! [reason 2! that means hes been talking about this monica girl to his friends, and it feels like im just the chick on the side that just/.................Arrggggghhhhhh *#@#$)(* this makes me very upset.]

monica is a friend of ruby;s i guess theyve known eachother since who knows how long, and supposedly she went to middle school with us as well.
i dont give a SHIEEEttttttT!!! muhfxa called me monica? and then to cover it up, the dumbass says "OH, RUBEN THIS ISNT YOUR SISTER, MONICA??"

NO BITCH!!!!! im BLACK! do i LOOK SPANISH TO YOU ?!!!!!!!!!

some strait bull. im tellin you. just some nonsense.
hell na.
HELL na.
-flashback over.-

and that is who 'ramon' is.
i dont like him.

So RUben asks if this guy could tag along.  i was pissed. he was like.."he hasnt been to a beach in florida yet."
why is that a problem of mine?

it isnt.

but ayo insisted "dont be the girl that didnt want his friends around."
so i agreed.
the beach trip was my idea.
i told him "if you wanted a day out with the guys, you could have just told me =] its okay, have fun with ramon.''

and hes like he just wanted to tag along, if you dont want to come, then dont'' [reason 3]
he tried to make the whole situation look like I was the one tagging along with HIM and his friend! but it was MY IDEA IN THE FIRST PLACEE!!!

and then when i met up with him tuesday morning, I was like, "its so nice to be meeting you today. to go to  the beach. =]"
and I was like..."im going to see youre apartment!"

and he says.
"Oh, we're at Kristi's apartment. she works at walgreens too."

so, he made it so 6 of his friends from walgreens were going too.
He's lucky that I liked the people who went. especially the Kristi chick, she was tight. =]


all in all, it was a fun day,
but that was pretty messed up that he tried to make me uncomfortable by taking me and putting me in an unfamiliar place. with all of HIS friends. i made the best of the situation, and i made sure to have fun.
I did have fun, lots of fun.
I feel like he was TRYING me.

but it backfired.

[reason 4]
he gets mad when i dont text him right back...so we got in a lil fight and just the things he was saying was just ridiculous

i wont put all of it on blast but, he acts like a lil GIRL on highschool drama.

i dont like it...

i dont mean to be dissing him or anything because i like him, but i'm used to my men being MEN you know?
i feel like i'm more masculine than he is.

i dont like it..

is it still worth getting to know him? maybe as a friend but i dont know..... at this point i really dont. my patience is wearing thin. maybe is just

but you know who i'm reallyyyyyyy starting to fall for?


my mom would kill me if we were together.


but Nate is soo funny and he understands me!! we could just sit and talk for hours and just laugh and LOL

i just love being with him!!!!!
and he always makes time for me, and .makes me feel special and important..like i'm the only one he has eyes for. even when we chill with a bunch of people and theres girls that are thirsty for him, i dont even feel threatened because he makes me feel secure in his feelings for me.

i just feel like im not giving ruben a chance though

wait, but i AM!!!!!! HE is the one just not showing me that he's into me enough.
i'll give him 1 more week, if not, i'm cutting him off and i'm staying with Nate.

playing the field?

anyway home life is good, the dogs are good, im home alone right now composing and listening to some electro

i'm thinking about going to BackBooth tonight with Amanda, because ayo really pissed me off 2 days ago, so im taking a lil break away from her.

i'll invite some other girls along so we can jsut chill and maybe we can all pregame at Nate's =]

I'll write about the HORRIBLE time i had at disney with Ayo a little bit later.
but for now, this is enough, i have to get back to my piece.

me an my lil composer self. lol


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I'm Back<3 [13 Mar 2009|12:51pm]
Its been sooo long since i've written anything!!

lots have happened, its been years.

i dont even know where to start!

So, im at home, watching bloomberg with my gramma making curry shrimp in the kitchen
i'm on a diet.
so i can't have any...

i'm making plans to go to the beach...tomorrow and monday night with Ruben
I ran the idea of me going to the beach past my mommy....and she;s like "can i come?"


i wonder why she never lets me go on my own
.. i'm going alone this time.

not really alonee........with julius and stuff tomorrow.
and monday..................................................................................................................ew i dont wanna get hung up.
i mean

my foots asleep.

i guess i'll get used to writing in here again after ive done it a few times. i'll be back later<3
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[31 Mar 2006|05:51pm]
im going to crumble up!!!!

but i still love life.
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[26 Mar 2006|07:29pm]
[ mood | happy ]

I'm so in love with life.


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[27 Sep 2005|01:18pm]
the end.

of kristen vegas.
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[11 Sep 2005|10:48am]
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

9.11.05 <3

so much is going on. even with katrina victims.

please everyone, even if you didnt know anyone in louisiana, or have never even been there.


do all you can.

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[04 Aug 2005|07:37pm]
so guess what.

.........im still in VPA.
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[28 Jul 2005|06:15am]

<3Collapse )

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[13 Jul 2005|05:38pm]
he jinxed it.
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[11 Jul 2005|03:35pm]
6 hours. a new record.

i didnt think it was ever possible. especially when its about nothing.
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[09 Jul 2005|07:11pm]
el driver liscence on el second of el august.

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[09 Jul 2005|05:22pm]
[ mood | and that someone is.. ]

another victoria's secret sale.

you KNOW i had to hit that up.

i got more cute stuff, but my favorite would have to be this realllllly cute matching bra& undies set, with blue and black checker polkadot sunflowers on it. you know what im talkin about?

yeah. its cute.
then my mom and i felt like driving. so, i took the keys, and we drove all around. it was fun.

damn im a hot driver.


<3 hehehh.........................

well...now we await dennis.

i hope we dont have to take like...46349734 days off of school again like last year.

wow, can you believe that its been almost a year since those hurricanes? crazzzy shizzzz

im happy cuz i love someone.



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[08 Jul 2005|11:07am]
unhappy again.

awesome. cool.



its just a sad day here for miss vegas.

who knows why.

..i dont.
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Thewordsthatmakemelosemymind. [08 Jul 2005|10:44am]



gaurantee.deserve.leave you.










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[05 Jul 2005|09:50pm]
[ mood | wet ]

My mom is in the shower rockin to "Headstrong"

..its on repeat.

..this is about the 5th time its played.

..and shes screaming at the top of her lungs.

...should i be scared?


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[05 Jul 2005|11:26am]
[ mood | pissed off ]


The gig didnt go as great as we planned, because they were so loud on the big stage, you could only hear me whe n they werent playing. then, they didnt bring the CD player for our backround music. so what good was it?

So i had to play by myself.

i got about 30 people to stop and listen, they say they will now be coming to our church on sunday. <3

how exciting.

but i really wanted ayanah to sing. i guess it wasnt meant to be, since she thought of it only as a 'gig' and not really an oppurtunity to play for God. <3

thats how i see all my gigs..and shtuff...because...without him, id be nothing. i wouldnt even be able to play this good if he hadnt given me the talent and stuff...so i do it all for him.

<3 my Jesus.

and even though the playing and stuff was without her, and kinda eek, at least jared was there.

he came.

he actually came.

we had so much fun. ...it was amazing.

then when the fireworks started, and we were walking in the grass to go see them, it was so........


it felt like it was right out of a movie..i mean everything was sooo right.....the music.. how we looked at each other..it was the perfect moment to just........


OH my goodness. my aunt came out of nowhere, asking if i knew where my mom was.



oh well. w/e.

then my mom locked the keys in my car, AGAIN. so she had to leave her car at the Florida Hospital, and they all had to go back home in my aunts car.

ugh. what a great ending, eh?

then i got to yannahs house, we knocked out after eating some chips.

then the last thing i remember, was jared texting me "night, Kristen."

i like him. i think ill admit it now. i dont think he likes me though. maybe we're ''too good friends.''


whateverrr...man. shiz.

goodnight kristen. huh.

uh...that sounds familiar.

didnt MOH do that 134987547 years ago? so instead of thinking about jared, i thought about moh before i went to sleep.



that kid doesnt even like me.

whyyyyy should i waste my night life on him?


besides......i think.. i'm in love with Jared Vaughn.

and its my fault if i get hurt okay? because.......................im stubborn, and i try at least everything till i get my way.

asked for Moh:

how about its over for me and him.
im sayin it just doesnt work anymore, so i guess.....

ill give up on moh.
for good.

just no more. i cant take it.

besides..............i think im in love with jared vaughn.


yeah well.

later loves.

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[04 Jul 2005|02:57pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

well....todays the big day. we're on in about 3 hours.

time to get readyyyy.


its gunna be fun. its in Zellwood.
My whole family is gunna be there. we're gunna turrr it up. you know us trinis..

OOh..Jareds coming too. ;)


we're playing 3 songs. our number one song being 'on my knees' by jaci velasquez

anyway for now, ima jam.

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[02 Jul 2005|01:59pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

just watched diary of a mad black woman for the first time.....

its so good..

it made me remember how sweet love is..<3

i cried so much when the girl was with orlando..they deserved each other. :)

well yan and i have to practice for the 4th of july gig..<3

we sound AWESOME.

i cant wait.

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