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Maybe i'm just a..;)

Okay, so Rubens really annoying,
and definetly not worth my time.

I choose Nate.


He was............intoxicated. last night,

and he was just saying the sweetest things, and you know the truth always come out under the influence. =]

He told me he loved me. hahahahahahaha


So on one side, One guy chooses to ignore me, although we were supposed to spend the day together..

and the Other side, the other is telling me how he really feels about me, and isnt playing stupid games.

yeah, we done with that boy. and BOY is the perfect word.


his theme song..........................."Youre So Gay."  -Katy Perry.
hahaha its like she was living my life and wrote it about him.


.........youre not that indie.

we were not even dating...and it felt like we were dating for 454 years.
he started things off way too serious.

i don't like serious people like that...i mean its important to be serious, but ya gotta know when to be chill too. and that was a quality that i found nonexistent in him!!!!!

ugh i hate when im interested in a guy and he doesnt make me laugh.
as long as someone makes me laugh, im putty.


and thats naynay!

=O!! he just texted me.


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