Vegas (disturbedfoo) wrote,


I was takling about Ruby to a friend,

and everyone told me to forget it!

i will. soon, sometime.

we went out yesterday to lake eola again, it was really nice. it was awkward at first because idk
he was acting weird

and all he talks about is 'walgreens this, my job, my paycheck walgreens blablab''
yeah, i'll be nice and act interested.
[[ I'm watching this DVD my uncle bunny brought over with jack van impe, and its talking about the coming of the lord. in 2012]]


about RUby, it was weird at first he was being annoying and disrespectful
and...he was asking me a whole bunch of questions as if he were trying to figure out if i was like loose or something!
NO, im not like your hoes buddy.

crazy boy thinks like im a stripper or something!! no! just because i have a nice body and stuff doesnt mean i exploit it.
those are his exact thoughts. i know this!

its crazy how like 2 days ago i was going to choose Nate over Ruben but......we went to alonzo's house and we were all chillin and stuff me, ayo, amanda, will, fernando, malcolm, mandy, nate, dane and roy.. there was some drinkingg going on i only had 1 shot though cuz i didnt wanna drink so much. i hadn't eaten in like 6 hours i didnt want to feel sick

nate was just being sooooo gross! idk how to describe it but he was being vulgar and kept trying to grab onto my booty and it is really annoying ruben does it too!

GET OFF MY BUTT!!!!!!!!!!!

i'm more than just a walking body~!

these boys are so ARRGG

Nate was being gross, and he just looked so ugly to me, inside and out. and then he was smelly too, so i was just like ugh, NEXT

then i went to lake eola with ruben just as friends.......and we got some soda and stuff and it was cute we were walking around the lake just talking..and he is soo jealous of DIRK!! hahaha

its funny, dirk is really cool peoples, its hilarious that ruben is like 'how's dirk? dirk this dirk that, blablablab do you know he likes you blab"
dirks ma dawg man. and hes like a gentleman and hes really nice. final descision is to talk to neither, i realized ive been settling for qualities in these guys that I DON T EVEN LIKE?
and why should i downgrade?

Jared Vaughn set the standard. and sorry guys, its a pretty high standard.

lets see who's up for it. =/

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